a recipe to forget:
win an election
host celebratory parties

a recipe to remember:
touch a scar
look in a mirror

Forgetting is so easy. Glossing over scars and celebrating the peace. Not necessarily the outcome of an election that is deeply unsatisfactorily for the Western observer. The poem has been taken from the ICC Witness Project, a collaboration between Kenyan poets that gives  voice to some of the missing witnesses for the ICC trial.

My friend Muchai wrote from Nairobi: “An ICC suspect is president and nobody seems to have qualms over that. Looks like kenya showed ICC the middle finger (most Kenyans) but am glad theres peace….”

Does peace make injustice ok? Not just the Kenyan president is on trial. The entire nation has to decide what the future will hold.

Witness #64

When it rains, the sky sends blessings.
The earth opens up to receive, cradles
Her children.

Closer, closer. Shh. Watch them sleep.

Tell them my story, our stories. Tell them
How we tried to speak the truth.

Tell them how we died.


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